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5/17/2017 - MOTD: I'm just updating this MOTD to indicate that I still somewhat care about updating my website.

10/20/2016 - MOTD: Perfect Woman is finally released on Xbox ONE. This only took me 4 years and at least 4 totally traumatic events. Pretty good if you ask me. If you happen to have an XB1 with kinect, please consider giving the game a try :).

5/17/2017 - Change Log:

-minor updates to about page to indicate that I'm still alive.

Here are some marginalized people that have been very influential in my life:

I am a game developer and mushroom artist. I am interested in finding new ways to disrupt and change the oppressive social order. You can see some words about and pictures of my work on this site.

I’m currently super unemployed. I’ve been contributing to Blender and working on some new projects that very well may not see the light of day. I’d make a joke about doing most my programming super late at night but honestly I only actually get any work done between 9am to 2pm. I’m currently fighting for equality in the video game industry up in the Bay Area.

I finally made this website which is about 10 years overdue at this point. Better late than never. The nice part about making a website 10 years overdue is that I have 10 years worth of content to add to the site. I finally settled on a style built on web technology over 20 years old. Maybe you care to read a little more about it.

You can follow me on twitter.

This site was built with HTML and hakyll.


Change Log:

12/2/2016 - Change Log:

-added top secret page for selected works pdlla.org/posts/hidden/2016-11-30_selected_works.html
-probably some other minor changes I neglect to mention

10/20/2016 - Change Log:

-added full gallery shots to $2.01
-added blender contributor to CV
-updated bio on about page to be slightly more cynical.
-updated link to Aliah Magdalena Dark's website.
-oops, accidentally had an unfinished blog post linked. Moved it to HIDDEN.

8/23/2016 - Change Log:

-added markdown image resizing using http://stackoverflow.com/questions/14675913/how-to-change-image-size-markdown 
-renamed "Log" to "Change Log" change logs.
-added tor workshop images to $1.81
-corrected date in Perfect Woman URL and added coming out on Xbox ONE blurb :)
-added page for 77-pieces in unkown as portfolio reference
-padded my resume a little :)
-beatdown in misc games now links to a hidden page

7/27/2016 - Change Log:

-changed code block font color to a dark gray.
-updated $1.81 to include Tor workshop in July. No pictures because I forgot to take them and lost my notes.
-updated $1.81 to include Mushroom workshop in July.
-updated formating in $1.81 to be more ugly so content is more visually differentiable at first glance.

7/27/2016 - MOTD: Starting to include change notes with my updates. I like this because then I wont forget to updated the MOTD and people will know when the last time my site was updated and be able to determine with a greater degree of certainty whether my website has fallen into no-update hell or not. Deciding on the best format to do this. Currently deciding on lumping both together and storing at the bottom of this about page. Markdown code block formatting is annoying and weird but I'll just stick to what I have for now..

6/30/2016 - MOTD: I forgot I'm suppose update my MOTD. I should probably add an update log too.

12/4/2015 - MOTD: I'm currenty taking a break from growing mushrooms to focus on making games and understanding online gaming communities. My next hobby/discipline will probably be taxidermy but Los Angeles is a bad place to find road kill.